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Top Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan

MBBS Colleges in Kyrgyzstan | Top Medical Universities of Kyrgyzstan | Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country for everyone, catering for all tastes and cultures. Kyrgyzstan is a rugged Central Asian country along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. In the south, the millennia-old city of Osh has a huge, busy bazaar that was once a stop on the Silk Road. It is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west and southwest, Tajikistan to the southwest and China to the east. Its capital and largest city are Bishkek. (Currency: Kyrgyzstani som)  

1. Osh State Medical University | Duration: 5-years MBBS Course

Osh state medical university has been training foreign students since 1992. During the years of its existence, Osh State Medical University has trained foreign students from more than twenty countries. At present 2751 students are studying at Medical faculty including about 600 students from other countries like India, Nepal, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and other countries. The medium of instruction in Osh state medical university is English. All the subjects are taught in the English language on the completion, of course, the degree of M.D is awarded, valid and recognized all over the world. 

Osh State Medical University is listed with the WHO global database of medical schools. Osh State Medical University is listed with Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA (ECFMG) FAIMER International Medical Education Directory IMED.

Osh state medical university
Medical studies in Kyrgyzstan

This gives right, Graduates to take USMLE and continue Postgraduate education or Ph.D. in America. Osh Medical University is accredited and recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council PMDC, Medical Council of India, Medical Councils of Syria, Nepal, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Sudan, Palestine, and Medical Councils of CIS countries. Medical Graduates having degrees from Osh state medical university are eligible for screening tests of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Medical Council of India, and work in all countries of the world. 


Medical, Dentistry, Nursing, Preparatory course

At present, the physicians with Osh State Medical University degrees are working in different countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. It shows a wide recognition of the medical faculty all over the world high qualification of its graduates is connected with the brilliant constellation of scientists who worked at Osh State Medical University. All clinical hospitals are equipped with modern facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level.

Hostels: There are government hostels with all services at college premises and private hostels nearby. The rooms are shared by the 2/3 person. Students are not allowed to go out after 11 pm without permission.

Fee Structure for Osh State Medical University: 1st year 7200$ (Tuition, Hostels, Medical Insurance, Indian food for 10 months), From the Second year 3200-3500$ for tuition and hostel.

Total Package: 14 Lacs (Except food from the 2-5th year, tickets from the 2-5th year)

For admission contact: +917428212236 (Ind), thedoctors.iea@gmail.com

2. Asian Medical Institute (Kant) | Duration: 5 years MBBS Course

Asian Medical Institute is the leading higher medical institution of the Kyrgyz Republic. Asian Medical Institute was established in 2004. This higher institution was meant for training highly qualified specialists in the medical sphere both for the Kyrgyz Republic & other countries of the world. Asian Medical Institute is listed in W.H.O Directory and FAIMER (IMED). MBBS Degrees of Asian medical institute is fully recognized by MCI, WHO, IMED, and several other medical councils. 

Asian medical institute
Medical studies in Kyrgyzstan

In order to implement the modern methods of education process optimization on the pre-diploma education of doctors, the main accent would be given to the following actual issues

  • Methodology and organization of medical education
  • Training and retraining problems of specialists on family medicine
  • Training & retraining doctors on the particular specialty


Medical, Dentistry, Nursing, Preparatory course

Asian Medical Institute offers general medicine faculty (MBBS) which is a popular faculty of the university for foreign students. This program is taught according to the medical system of European universities. Asian Medical Institute is aimed to teach medical education for foreign citizens entirely in the English Language, that’s why the selection of faculty has been made on the basis of highly English speaking doctors from different countries that meet the educational requirements of students from any country according to their choice knowledge. The faculty staff uses modern teaching technologies. Their teaching method is based on interactive and critical thinking activities that help the students to learn successfully and achieve good results. A combination of the utilization of modern training programs, technical material base, new training technologies, and qualified teachers promotes the improvement of training quality. Our teaching staff is friendly, hospitable, positive, helpful and generally eager to speak with any foreigner. According to WHO experts, Kyrgyzstan has achieved a lot more in the field of the healthcare system as opposed to its counterparts. In Short, the Asian Medical Institute is the best choice for medical study in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Hostels: There are three hostels with all services on college premises. The rooms are shared by the 2/3 person. Students are not allowed to go out after 8 pm without permission.

Fee Structure for Asian Medical Institute, Kant: 1st year 5600$ (Tuition, Hostels, Medical Insurance), From the Second year, 3650$ for tuition and hostel. Indian Mess: 103$ Per Month.

Total Package: 13.50 Lacs (Except food from the 1-5th year, tickets from the 1-5th year)

For admission contact: +917428212236 (Ind), thedoctors.iea@gmail.com

Admission intake for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan: May-August 30 every year:

      • Fully English Medium five years course.
      • MCI/WHO recognized universities.
      • More than 800+ Indian students (Boys & Girls) per each university.
      • Hostels are in campus or nearby universities.
      • Low fees universities. (15-20 lacs complete package)
      • Indian mess is available in All Universities. 

Documents required:

  • Passport
  • Secondary school certificate
  • Application form
  • Neet eligibility
  • 20 passport size photos 35*45mm matte paper.

Call for more details about admission, processing, fees at MBBS in Kazakhstan:

+91-7428212236, 7428203118

Toll-free 1800-419-5827 (For Indian Students)

Students or parents can write to us at WhatsApp also: +917428212236