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Stavropol state medical university
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Stavropol State Medical University is a state higher educational institution in Stavropol city of the Russian Federation. Stavropol State Medical University was organized in 1937 as Voroshilov (Now Stavropol) State Medical Institute. In 1938 Voroshilov State Medical Institute began classes in the first year of the medical faculty. In 1937 Voroshilov State Medical Institute was renamed in Stavropol Medical Institute. In 1994 Stavropol Medical Institute became Stavropol State Medical Academy and in 2013 Stavropol State Medical Academy received the University status (That’s the history of University).


Stavropol State Medical University established in the year 1938. Stavropol State Medical University, over time, has thousands of highly skilled pass-outs that are working in every corner of the world.

Stavropol State Medical University is situated in the large industrial, administrative, agricultural, cultural and scientific center. Also, the city of Stavropol is known as the pearl of South Russia. Today, this University is one of the authoritative educational and scientific medical centers in Russia. In the year 2010, all the spheres of the University were licensed and received the State Accreditation Certificate. The activity of the University has been marked by a high international award Earthmaker, which testifies belonging to a community of world leaders of various industries, sciences, cultures, and national health services. The University is awarded the Diploma and the Gold Medal as the winner of the competitions The European Quality in the nomination of “100 Best Higher Schools”. The Cannes Silver Medal For “Dynamic Development” and the title “Flagman of XXI Century”. The Gold Medal of the International Biography Center and the Gold Diploma of the World Sciences International Forum. The winner of the All-Russia Economy Project “Modernization Leaders” in the nomination “Enterprise of the Year 2010”.

StSMU Faculties:

  • The General Medicine Faculty
  • The Faculty of Pediatrics
  • The Faculty of Dentistry
  • The Preparatory Faculty

St.SMU Admission:  One intake in a year for MBBS course for foreign students;
   I. Intake: June-September

St.SMU Recognition:

This University is amongst the few Universities in Russia to be recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Stavropol State Medical University is also listed in the World Dictionary of Medical Schools published by WHO which makes the candidates of this University eligible to hold a job in any corner of the world after taking the national examinations.

Stavropol State Medical University, Direct Admission in Stavropol State Medical University Russia, MBBS Admission in Stavropol State Medical University with Doctors-IEA

Medical Faculty (General medicine)this is an area of medicine that embraces the health problems of the population of 18 years and older. A variety of diseases, its variability under the influence of environmental factors and society lead to the release of new diseases that require a doctor’s profound knowledge and high skills. Medical Faculty is the oldest in our university. Teaching specialty «General Medicine» in StSMU conducted more than 49 departments, the educational process is carried out by qualified personnel. The faculty is proud of its students: the vast majority of doctors working in public health in Stavropol Region, are graduates of General Medicine Faculty.

The term of study at the faculty — 6 years. In the first course, students master the subjects of the humanitarian and medical-biological profile. From 3 course begins the study of clinical disciplines, such as internal medicine and general surgery. On 4−6 courses, students study internal medicine, surgical diseases, gynecology, neurology, urology, traumatology, dermatology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, pediatrics, clinical pharmacology, forensic medicine, physiotherapy, etc. Each summer the medical faculty students do practical work. Graduates are awarded the qualification «Doctor» specialty «General Medicine» and given the opportunity to specialize in any area of health care.

StSMU Fees:

Fees for M.B.B.S – 5800 USD Dollars it includes tuition, hostel, and medical insurance, from the 2nd year 5250 US$. Fees for the preparatory course: 3200 USD Dollars.

StSMU hostels:

University has 4 hostels, a sports complex with a swimming pool, gyms, and sauna. There is a sports camp on the Black Sea coast of the North Caucasus, where teachers and candidates have a rest every year.

Admission open for 2020-21 academic year

Contact numbers: +79515174507 (Rus) |+917428212236 (Ind)


Students or parents can write to us at Whatsapp also +79515174507 (24*7)