MBBS in KSMU, Kazan

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MBBS in KSMU, Kazan

Kazan State Medical University

KSMU is a multifunctional and multilevel state institution of higher education in medicine. Kazan State Medical University functions on the basis of self-governance and belongs to the system of higher education and scientific research of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

On March 6, 1994, the university has issued a license by the State Committee of Russian Federation of Higher Education, which gives the right to perform activities in the field of professional education. This complex educational system in the framework of the university provides the continuous higher education of medicine. KSMU carries on an aimed preparation of experts in different fields of medicine for 10 republics. According to the results of a rating of medical schools, KSMU takes the 16th place among 86 other universities.

The university has become nationally recognized for the training of specialists in the medical field. In KSMU the basic fields of the departments of the pediatric faculty are the investigations of the age peculiarities of pathology and normal state of the child. The departments of therapy perform scientific research work in the fields of prophylactics and effective treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Surgical departments are the leaders of Russian medicine in the field of laser surgery and endosurgery. The regional center of cardiovascular surgery is formed in one of the departments of the university. The faculty of prophylactic medicine deals with the problems of ecology, environmental pollution in oil-fields of the Tatarstan Republic. They created the program of training doctor-ecologic for all medical institutions of Russia.

Clinical training is performed at 54 units of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic Tatarstan. There are 33 general hospitals, outpatients departments, 21 polyclinics, maternity houses, dental polyclinics, etc. The total number of beds is 8600. There are 4315 therapeutic, 2120 – pediatric, 1210 – surgical and 440- gynecological beds, etc. For the clinical training of the students of medical pediatric and dental faculties is provided in 54 medical institutions. There are hospitals, maternity houses, special diagnostic centers, out-patients units and 20 polyclinics including dental and children’s. Clinical units have 8600 beds. University dental polyclinic has 98 dental chairs. Pharmaceutical faculty, for training its students, users 65 pharmacies with the laboratories in Republic Tatarstan, 18 pharmacies in Chuvashia and some commercial pharmaceutical units.

Academic research work of the university covers a wide range of areas in clinical elaboration on the problems of physiology and pathology of the cardiovascular system, diagnostics and treatment of malignant neoplasm, age peculiarities of child’s organism in the normal state and pathological, solving of the modern problems of dental diseases, problems in diagnostics and prophylactic of infectious diseases, development of the scientific care of women’s illnesses, mothers, fetus and newborn, hygiene of labor, and the basics of pharmacy. The scientific groups of neurophysiologic laboratories of the departments of physiology, medical physics and histology work on the highest European level.

The department of pharmacology with chemical laboratories elaborated and approbated medicine from phosphor organic compounds. Now they are investigating pharmacological characteristics of some antiblastomic preparations.
Members of the staff participate in the development of six international programs. For the last five years, more than 200 reports were presented at the international symposiums and conferences (France, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Check Republic, England, USA, Holland, Italy, France, China.)

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  • University has extensively developed academic contacts with scientists in the USA, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Check Republic and France.
  • Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan Republic. It’s the city which was historically formed, as a border between the East and the West.
  • Kazan is situated on the bank of Volga River in the Central part of Russia. Kazan is a big industrial center with the population of 1.1 million people.
  • Kazan is one of the most acknowledged centers of science, culture, and education.
  • ”If you want to attend a foreign university, you would become part of a minority. However, you would be given the opportunity to meet and make friends with other students from all over the world. Among the myriad schools all over the world, students and parents alike stress about choosing the right one. We present you the main information about Kazan State Medical University and admission for facilitating your choice” (IT’S OFFICIAL NOW — KSMU IS THE 3RD BEST MEDICAL UNIVERSITY ACCORDING TO ARES-2014 RATING)
  • Education at Kazan State Medical University is highly-rated KSMU, top ten in the list of medical universities in the Russian Federation. Students consider KSMU as a desirable place to study and acknowledge our high-grade teaching. Choosing a university is one of the most important and challenging decisions of your life. We wish you every success in your study in our university and hope that it will be an exciting, challenging and diverse place to be!


• Faculty of General Medicine
• Faculty of Pediatrics
• Faculty of Dentistry
• Faculty of Pharmacy
• Faculty of Preventive Medicine
• Faculty of Nursing


  • More than 5500 medical students, clinical residents, and interns
  • 65 departments
  • Staff of more than 1500

Admission open for 2019-20 academic year

Fees for M.B.B.S – 6250 US$ it includes Tuition fees, Hostel fees and Medical Insurance

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