Kursk State Medical University

Kursk: Year of the establishment -7th February 1935 sponsored by Federal Government. The language of training: Russian or English Medium. Kursk State Medical University is one of the leading medical educational establishments in Russia.

Kursk State Medical University was the first university in Russia to offer full Medical Course (MBBS) training in English Medium. Under the English medium, Kursk state medical university has the right to train specialists on these faculties: Pre-medical course, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy (Undergraduate / Post-Graduation education).

In 83 years of existence, KSMU has been trained more than 40 thousand doctors, pharmaceutists and other health professionals. KSMU activities are carried out according to the requirements of state standards and international standards in quality and directives of the European Association of quality in Higher education. The independent public council European Quality has listed Kursk state medical university among the hundred best Russian Universities. Finally, KSMU proves its efficiency which reflected by the monitoring results of the Ministry of Education and science of the Russian Federation. Since 2016, Kursk state medical university has been actively working as part of the three academic medical clusters; West European, Stomatological and Chemicopharmaceutical.

Authorization letter, KurskSMU-Russia

In KSMU, today nineteen thousand people are studying at the university, seven thousand students getting a higher education, about nine hundred students secondary professional education, more than six hundred residents and postgraduates, more than ten thousand specialists of higher education taught in English medium are General medicine (MBBS), Dentistry, Pharmacy, Economy and many more faculties.

Kursk State Medical University regularly initiates and organizes all Russian and International conferences on current problems of medicine, pharmacy and realization of pedagogical technologies in medical education. KSMU educational programs are accredited in fifteen foreign countries. Today about twenty-six hundred foreign students from forty-seven countries of the world are studying in KSMU. The number of foreign students exceeds every year in KSMU.

KSMU Admission:  Two intakes in a year for MBBS course for foreign students;
   I. Intakes: June-September 15
   II. Intakes: November-January 15 

KSMU Recognition:
Russian higher medical education has gained a remarkable reputation on the world stage due to high educational standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches. The degrees of Russian Medical Higher Educational Establishments are recognized by the World Health Organization (W.H.O), International Red Cross and General Medical Council (G.M.C) of major European countries, including Great Britain and France. Leading Russian medical universities to occupy prominent positions in the international rating by the UNESCO and World Health Organization, including Kursk State Medical University. KSMU also recognize by JPA Malaysia, MCI Sri-Lanka, MCI-India, and other countries. 

Kursk state medical university Ranking:

Country Rank: 195, World Rank: 5573. KSMU is the first university among all medical universities of Russia in the World Ranking of Round University Ranking-2018.

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Kursk State Medical University Fees

The fee structure for 2020: 6280 USD Dollars for the first year (It includes tuition, hostel, medical insurance, documentation), from second year 6200 USD Dollars for the same.

Kursk State Medical University Hostel

KSMU having six hostels, where foreign students are living from the first year to last year.  KSMU is full of adventures to explore besides the demanding life as medical field students. Amazingly KSMU glows students life as an adult to experience the life of their world full of varieties as students, future doctors, leaders, and individuals. In the freezing cold weather, thousands of mile far from home, the students still kept their own good traditions warm enough to make them through success in their life. Students appear to be very active with plenty of activities regardless of which field of performances either academically, sports, social, artistic or musical. You name it!

International Students never let holidays gone with the winds blow but fill with joy and excitement besides learning to live in the multi-nationĂ¢l community. In the heat of the pact, academic schedule students managed to fit in glorious celebrations of their religion like Eid, Christmas, Deepawali, New year, Independence day, etc. 

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