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     Welcome to the world of education and prospects. In today's world education is the key asset which can make one to stand out of crowd, Ideal Educational Advisors is lead & managed by experienced educational advisors. In an increasingly globalized world economy, people need special skills and qualities to succeed. We have gathered considerable experience, expertise and database on a large number of universities and programs. We have also established direct contracts with a number of medical, engineering, economical, universities in the Russia. Our professional service covers counseling, identifying universities and programs, assured admissions and also comprehensive preparation for the visa interview.

Why with us?

     We are registered Educational Advisors and we consult student for the best option. Our advisors are experienced. Our instructors are best and deliver result oriented lectures by generating appropriate environment. They are real test takers and can read the students mind and their capability. They use latest tools to train students and to achieve the required score. When the preparation is accurate then success is always on hand. The Doctors.IEA welcomes and invites you to study in Russia. We are helping international students from all over world to find prestigious higher education at state Universities in Russia.

       We hope our professional advisors will help you to plan your future and this website will be helpful to you. Looking forward to hear from you.



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